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New MLCC released 1206 inch 10㎌ 50V for Samsung Electro-Mechanics automotive series

1206 inch (3.2×1.6mm) size, X7R (-55 to 125℃), capacitance of 10㎌ at rated 50V


▷ Developed and started mass production of the multilayer ceramic capacitor CL31B106KBK6PJ# applicable for Powertrain/ Safety of automobiles. Samples are also available.


▷ The number of MLCCs installed in a vehicle is rapidly increasing due to the electrification and high functionality of automobiles. For this reason, miniaturization, stability, and capacitance expansion of MLCC are continuously required.


▷ Samsung Electro-Mechanics developed the X7R 10㎌ in 1206 inch (3.2×1.6mm) size and rated at 50V by applying its own ceramic and electrode material atomization and ultra-precision lamination method. 



Samsung Size Capacitance Rated Voltage * TCC
1206 inch 10㎌ 50V X7R

*TCC : Temperature Coefficient of Capacitance

*X7R : Capacitance change rate ±15% in the temperature range of -55℃~125℃,    X7S: ±22%, X7T: +22% / -33%


Characteristics data 

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