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Company 2021.03.22

See Samsung Electro-Mechanics website functions Product Search & Component Library

On the Samsung Electro-Mechanics' website, you can find the “Product Search” function which allows you to search for details and the “Component Library” which allows you to try out virtual simulations of product characteristics.


- Go to Product Search


- Go to Component Library

With Product Search, you can check out a product’s characteristics by inputting its part number and download detailed specifications. (The rules for the part number can be found by clicking on the question mark in the part number search bar). With the latest update, we now provide information on production status by MLCC product type. The status, which is next to the part number, is categorized into four types, △Mass Production, △NRND(Not recommended for new design), △To Be Discontinued, and △Discontinued, and should there be a replacement type, it will lead you to the relevant product type’s product search page. Please refer to this when making product usage and purchase decisions.


Should you want to compare the characteristics of various products, you can do this in the Component Library. By selecting the products that you wish to compare, you can simulate the electrical characteristics of passive elements.  You can save this simulation into data sheet or images, allowing you to usefully make use of it during application product development without having to test it directly.



We will endeavor to add and improve various functions on Product Search and Component Library to improve user convenience, and through continuous data updates, we will continue to provide better information. 


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