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The latest news about the world’s best comprehensive component company,
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We bring you the news highlights of Samsung Electro-Mechanics in the past month.
ㅣParticipation in the 2021 KPCA Show (International Electronic Circuits and Packaging Show)
Samsung Electro-Mechanics will participate in the 2021 KPCA Show (International Electronic Circuits and Packaging Show) to be held at Songdo Convensia for three days from October 6 to 9.
At the KPCA Show, Samsung Electro-Mechanics will showcase a range of substrate solutions, including an advanced semiconductor package substrate and SiP (System in Package) module substrate in response to the high-performance trend of electronic devices such as 5G and automotive parts.
※ Semiconductor package substrate: A substrate that connects the semiconductor chip and the main board
※ SiP module substrate: A module substrate on which multiple ICs and passive devices are mounted
An online exhibition hall will open on the Samsung Electro-Mechanics website for those who are unable to visit the exhibition hall in person. The online exhibition hall will be open to the public on October 5th.
ㅣSamsung Electro-Mechanics' Suwon plant won the grand prize at the Korea Green Company Awards 


On August 31, Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ Suwon plant won the grand prize at the 2021 Korea Green Company Awards hosted by the Ministry of Environment. The Korea Green Company Awards evaluates and recognizes companies' environmental performance to promote environmental management and the green company scheme. The awards are given to 6 outstanding companies out of 130 green companies in Korea every year.
Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ Suwon plant received high marks for its industry-leading eco-friendly activities, such as responding to global product environmental regulations by establishing an environmental and energy management system, purchasing green products worth KRW 13.2 billion over the past 3 years, reducing 2.5 tons of fine dust, and donating recycled toilet paper to social welfare facilities by recycling waste milk cartons.

ㅣOperation of an online market ahead of Chuseok holidays, early payment to suppliers
Samsung Electro-Mechanics operated the Online Chuseok Market ahead of the Chuseok holiday. Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ sister villages and social enterprises also participated in the Online Chuseok Market, which was designed to help small business owners and farmers who are grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic.
In addition, 12 Samsung affiliates, including Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Samsung Electronics, Samsung Display, and Samsung Biologics, paid KRW 800 billion to suppliers in advance of the Chuseok holiday as part of their win-win management efforts with suppliers.



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