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Press Release 2021.10.26

Samsung Electro-Mechanics Vice President Oh Changyeol receives presidential commendation on Electronics & IT Day

▶ Increased the competitiveness of the Korean substrate industry by developing core technology for the semiconductor package substrate
- Achieved a technological breakthrough by developing the world's first ultra-slim package substrate
- Helped Samsung Electro-Mechanics become the world's largest supplier of package substrates for mobile AP
- Strengthened Korea's materials and component industry ecosystem through technical collaboration with partners
▶ Samsung Electro-Mechanics enhances its response to growth markets such as servers and networks based on its core technology


Samsung Electro-Mechanics' Vice President Oh Changyeol was awarded a Presidential Commendation for his contribution to strengthening the competitiveness of the Korean semiconductor package substrate industry at the 16th Electronics & IT Day awards ceremony held at COEX on October 26.

Electronics & IT Day was established to commemorate Korea’s electronics exports breaking the $100 billion mark in 2005. Industrial Service Merit, Industrial Medal, Presidential Commendation, Prime Minister's Commendation, and Minister's Commendation are awarded to those who have contributed to the advancement of the electronics and IT industry and the improvement of national status. 


 [Oh Changyeol, Vice President, Circuit Board Development Team, Samsung Electro-Mechanics]

Since joining Samsung Electro-Mechanics in 1997, Oh Changyeol, Vice President of Circuit Board Development Team, has developed core technologies for semiconductor package substrates, helping enhance the competitive edge of the Korean substrate industry.

In particular, Oh contributed to the commercialization of thin NAND flash memory by developing the world's first and thinnest semiconductor package substrate under 130um in thickness in 2004. He also helped Samsung Electro-Mechanics achieve the No. 1 status in the industry in 2009 by developing highly complex package substrates for mobile AP and increasing production efficiency. Furthermore, he has worked to improve the competitiveness of Korea's materials and components industry, such as driving shared growth through technical collaboration with partner companies and fostering skilled professionals through industry-university cooperation.
[Oh Changyeol, Vice President, Circuit Board Development Team, Samsung Electro-Mechanics]

Vice President Oh Changyeol said, “I would like to share the honor with our engineers who have put hard work and passion into creating the best products. I will continue to strive to secure core technologies for cutting-edge semiconductor package substrates to differentiate the performance of our semiconductors.”

Samsung Electro-Mechanics, which started the substrate business in 1991, has been leading the substrate industry while supplying products to world-class companies. Among them, Samsung Electro-Mechanics' high-end semiconductor package substrates for mobile APs maintain unrivaled leadership in terms of market share and technology.
Today, the growth of artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud markets is fueling demand for high-performance semiconductors. Moreover, semiconductor package substrates that require advanced techniques, such as ultra-slim, large-area, multi-layer, and micro-circuits, have emerged as a key component to improve semiconductor performance. Based on its unmatched technology for semiconductor package substrates, Samsung Electro-Mechanics is strengthening its response to related demand and growth markets for servers and networks.



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