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Company 2021.10.28

November in the History of Samsung Electro-Mechanics

Founded in 1973, Samsung Electro-Mechanics has developed and produced core electronic components, increasing the competitiveness of the Korean electronics industry and growing into a partner of global electronics, IT, and automobile companies. The upcoming November 1 marks the 48th anniversary of Samsung Electro-Mechanics. Let's look back on what happened in November in the history of Samsung Electro-Mechanics since 1973.
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1985ㅣ The first electronic components company to be awarded the $100 Million Export Tower


At the end of 1985, Samsung Electro-Mechanics achieved the export target of $100 million early and became the first electronic components company to receive the $100 Million Export Tower at the 22nd Export Day ceremony held on November 30. In general, electronic components require rapid technology development and high quality while having a short product life cycle and low product cost. Under these conditions, Samsung Electro-Mechanics' surpassing the $100 million mark in exports marked a new milestone in the Korean electronic component industry.

1988ㅣEstablished the song of Samsung Electro-Mechanics



Samsung Electro-Mechanics established the company song (composer Kim Huijo, lyricist Jo Byeonghwa) to commemorate the 15th anniversary of its founding. The company song, which suggests the direction as a leading company, has helped increase employee loyalty. The song was created based on the management philosophy of respect for people, highlighting Samsung Electro-Mechanics' leadership as an advanced electronic components company.

1996ㅣExceeded monthly production of 1 billion chip resistors


Starting with our self-developed chip resistor technology in 1986, Samsung Electro-Mechanics went into full-scale production in May 1988. Our production capacity has significantly increased to 100 million units per year in 1989, 500 million units in 1994, and 1 billion units in 1996.
Chip resistors reduce the voltage or keep the current constant in the electronic circuit by using the properties of limiting the direct current or alternating current. Samsung Electro-Mechanics is currently developing and producing various types of chip resistors such as Standard Resistors, Array Resistors, Anti Sulfur Resistors, and Current Sensing Resistors.

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2001ㅣDeveloped the world's smallest MLCC


Samsung Electro-Mechanics successfully developed and mass-produced the world's smallest 0603-size MLCC. This product, a high-end core component with the volume reduced by 1/5 compared to the previous 1005 size, has been applied to parts for communication devices such as mobile phones and PDAs. In line with the trend of increasingly miniaturized and multi-functioned electronic devices, the world's best precision technology was used to manufacture this product.

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2019ㅣ Received the Best Strategic Cooperation Award from Xiaomi


On November 21, 2019, Samsung Electro-Mechanics won the Best Strategic Cooperation Award, the highest honor given to suppliers by Xiaomi in China. Xiaomi gives awards to suppliers around the world in recognition of technology, quality, and response to customers. Samsung Electro-Mechanics was highly regarded for its technological prowess, product power, quality, response to customers, and supply capability, such as helping the 100-megapixel camera of Xiaomi's CC9-Pro earn the world's highest score in DxOMark's review.

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