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Company 2021.10.26

Introduction of SEMPHIL (SAMSUNG ELECTRO-MECHANICS Philippines Corp.)

Samsung Electro-Mechanics has production plants, distributors, and main offices in the Americas, Europe, Japan, China, and Southeast Asia to best suit the specific requirements of each region.
In this article, we introduce SEMPHIL, Samsung Electro-Mechanics' Philippines production plants.
SEMPHIL(Samsung Electro-Mechanics Philippines) has long been established in 1997 and started its operations in the year 2000 in Calamba City. SEMPHIL manufactures Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitor (MLCC), Tantalum Capacitor, Inductor and Chip Resistor which are commonly used in electronic gadgets.
Young Professionals of the Manufacturing Industry 


In 1999, 14 key Engineers sent to South Korea for hands-on training. After 21 years of operation, you will see how it progress from three 3 factory buildings to five 5 buildings. Expansion for the last 2 decades created jobs for more than 7,000 local manpower. Wherever in SEMPHIL, you’ll find young manufacturing Engineers clothed in their best academic achievements and energy to accept the future’s challenge.

SEMPHIL Manufacturing Engineers are top-notch when it comes to technology, process, quality and product development. They acquire knowledge and skills with SAMSUNG’s best practices. SEMPHIL provides opportunities to different Engineering majors in lines of process improvement & management, machinery, quality assurance, utilities and safety, product design and innovation. 


On its 21st founding anniversary, we acknowledge the Engineers behind the greatness of SEMPHIL since the beginning of its operations!
Various news of SEMPHIL can also be found on the website. (LINK)

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