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Samsung Electro-Mechanics named to DJSI World for 13 consecutive years

□ Included in DJSI World, DJSI Asia Pacific, and DJSI Korea for 13 consecutive years
  - Maintains the longest record of being selected for the sustainability indices among Korean companies
  - Recognized for outstanding sustainability performance, such as supply chain management and environmental/social reporting

Samsung Electro-Mechanics has been selected for the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for 13 consecutive years.
Naming to DJSI for 13 consecutive years is the longest record among Korean companies, and Samsung Electro-Mechanics is the only Korean company to achieve this feat. 


The Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI), which evaluates a company’s sustainability performance, is comprised of “DJSI World,” which evaluates the global top 2,500 companies based on liquid market capitalization; “DJSI Asia Pacific,” which evaluates the top 600 companies in the Asia and Oceania region, and “DJSI Korea,” which evaluates the top 200 companies in Korea.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics was named to DJSI World, DJSI Asia Pacific, and DJSI Korea in recognition of its outstanding sustainability performance. As a publicly acclaimed index that comprehensively evaluates not only economic performance but also environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance, DJSI is being used by individual and institutional investors as a standard for responsible investment and comparing the level of sustainability performance of companies.
In addition to the DJSI, Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ sustainability performance has been recognized by a number of evaluation agencies, such as being selected for the FTSE4Good for 11 consecutive years, CDP Best Grade for the fourth year in a row, and acquiring Grade A from Korea Corporate Governance Service.
Samsung Electro-Mechanics has created an ESG organization this year and is systematically practicing ESG with a data-based roadmap. Samsung Electro-Mechanics will continue to strive to create value for various stakeholders along with the growth of the company with the focus on 3P: fulfilling its environmental responsibility (Planet), pursuing happiness for members of society (People), and generating stable profits (Profit). 


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