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Press Release 2021.12.28

Samsung Electro-Mechanics CEO Chang Duckhyun opens a window of communication

▶CEO Chang held the first official meeting with employees through Thursday Talk (conversation with employees)
- With more than 1,000 questions to the new CEO, 4,600 employees joined a real-time chat
- The employees said they felt the honesty and sincerity of the new CEO, and expressed expectations for management based on open communication
▶CEO Chang Duckhyun urged, "Let's become the No. 1 tech company based on unrivaled technology"
- The CEO expressed his respects for the top experts in each sector regardless of position or field
- Emphasizing that the culture of mutual respect and communication built by employees should be continuously promoted


On December 23, Chang Duckhyun, the new CEO of Samsung Electro-Mechanics, had "Thursday Talk," a conversation with employees. 


 ※ Thursday Talk :
Every Thursday, employees and executives including the CEO and unit heads will talk on various topics such as management, culture, and trends for about an hour. Employees can watch it live on PC and communicate with the speakers through chat. 


In the first Thursday Talk, CEO Chang introduced himself and answered the questions from employees. Immediately after taking office, CEO Chang posted his inaugural address on the Intranet, asking employees to freely leave any wishes and questions about him. In response, Samsung Electro-Mechanics conducted an anonymous survey, "Ask CEO Chang Duckhyun anything!", and employees left more than 1,000 honest questions.
CEO Chang communicated with the employees by honestly answering a wide range of questions, from sensitive questions such as incentives, welfare, and benefits, to his hobbies, personal strengths, and Samsung Electro-Mechanics' future that he envisions in three years.
In particular, he mentioned that surfing is one of his hobbies and he would treat employees who bump into him at a beach next summer, drawing applause from the employees. 


As his favorite words, CEO Chang picked "tech" and "future," emphasizing that “the future of Samsung Electro-Mechanics should be a tech company.” “With a roadmap for future technology, we must become a top-class components company with the technology that surpasses competitors and leads the future and by internalizing core parts. Let's grow into the No. 1 tech company with unrivaled technology. Regardless of position or field, I respect the top experts in each sector. Let's all become experts in our core capabilities," added the CEO.

During the first Thursday Talk that recorded high views, employees left various comments and questions in the chat window.
With comments such as "I could feel his sincerity from the way he provided honest answers to even sensitive questions," "I liked his honest and straightforward leadership,” and “I could tell that he has deeply thought about the vision and direction of Samsung Electro-Mechanics,” the employees expressed high expectations for the new CEO's management based on open and sincere communication.

After taking office, CEO Chang Duckhyun first visited domestic production plants including Busan and Sejong and met with employee representatives to listen to their voices. He promised that in addition to Thursday Talk, he will have a tea time called a "Chang (window in Korean) of Communication" once a week with employees in an effort to continuously promote a culture of mutual respect and communication.

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