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Company 2021.12.28

A look back at Samsung Electro-Mechanics' 2021

▶Focus on new products and new business capabilities
▶Improvement of website services
▶World-class quality, safety and environment, and sustainable management


The year 2021 is nearing its end. Looking back on the past year, we have summarized Samsung Electro-Mechanics' major news in 2021.
Focus on new products and new business capabilities
In March, Samsung Electro-Mechanics announced the mass production of a folded camera module with 10x optical zoom. The folded type secures the focal length by refracting the light in the form of a periscope, making it the first in Korea to achieve 10x optical zoom in this form.
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In April, we succeeded in developing a new ultra-compact, high-capacitance MLCC with the world's best performance. The 0402 size (0.4mm in length and 0.2mm in width), 1.0uF (microfarad), 6.3V rated voltage product maintains the high capacitance (1.0uF) while increasing the rated voltage by 1.5 times (4V->6.3V) to achieve industry-leading performance.
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In addition, we have successfully developed a variety of products including MLCC for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), the largest capacitance MLCC for 5G smartphones, an MLCC for 5G base stations, and a 3-terminal MLCC for smartphones.
On December 23, the Board of Directors decided to invest in FCBGA for the production plant in Vietnam. With the phased execution of a total investment of $850 million until 2023, the company plans to focus its capabilities on the semiconductor package substrate business, which is expected to grow in the long term. With this investment, Samsung Electro-Mechanics will actively respond to the increasing demand resulting from market growth while laying the foundation to get ahead in the high value-added product market.
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Improvement of website services
The Samsung Electro-Mechanics website underwent many changes in 2021. In particular, Cross Reference and Buy Now were introduced for MLCC products to increase search convenience and support purchases in small quantities.
> Cross Reference: Enter a third-party MLCC part number to check alternative Samsung Electro-Mechanics products.
> Buy Now: Search the inventory held by Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ sales partners around the world, place an order, and request for quotation
The Online PR Hall, opened in September, provides information about Samsung Electro-Mechanics through a variety of digital content. You can check out Samsung Electro-Mechanics' journey to make a better society through change and growth.
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World-class quality, safety and environment, and sustainable management
In 2021, we have received awards and certifications from various organizations. This is a year in which Samsung Electro-Mechanics' efforts for quality, safety, the environment, and sustainable management bore fruit.
We received the 2021 Bosch Global Supplier Award from Bosch in July and an Outstanding Company Award from the Philippine government in November. We also became the industry’s first to acquire environmental footprint certification from Carbon Trust, and Zero Waste To Landfill certification from Underwriters Laboratory (UL), a global safety and environment certification company.
You can find more news about Samsung Electro-Mechanics at our Newsroom. The Samsung Electro-Mechanics Newsroom will continue to deliver the latest news faster and more accurately. We wish you a healthy and happy year with Samsung Electro-Mechanics in 2022.

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