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Company 2021.12.28

Christmas at Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ Strategic Marketing Center

While the world battles the COVID-19 pandemic for the second year, Christmas time is here again. As business trips became difficult due to the coronavirus, the Samsung Electro-Mechanics Strategic Marketing Center also had difficulty communicating with customers and overseas sales offices.
We have been sharing responses to customers and business plans with overseas employees every day by phone, messenger, and email, but while we were dearly missing offline communication, the sales team members in charge of the Americas at the Samsung Electro-Mechanics Strategic Marketing Center came up with this little idea.
We prepared a Christmas card with photos to express our gratitude to the employees at the US office for their hard work throughout the year. In response, the employees of Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ US office also wrote back a thank you card.

 Thank you so much for your great support in 2021.
Wish you spend the happiest holiday with your family and have a good luck in the new year.
Hope you meeting you face to face soon.

 Thank you so much for being one of our greatest partners in 2021.
We are looking forward to working with you joyfully in 2022 as well.
Wish you the happiest holidays. 

Although we are far apart and unable to meet in person, we could still share our warm hearts this Christmas.

In addition to communicating with overseas offices, the Samsung Electro-Mechanics Strategic Marketing Center is striving to communicate with customers through various contactless channels. In 2022, we will continue to closely monitor changes in the internal and external market environment, and work to strengthen local responsiveness and increase customer satisfaction.


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