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Social Contribution 2022.08.03

'One Thousand Won's Happiness' project for the happiness of all children

▶Sharing Kiosks are installed at all Samsung Electro-Mechanics plants in Korea, increasing the number of participating employees /reaching the target amount faster
- The kiosks are installed throughout the company, including cafeterias and lobbies of the Suwon, Sejong, and Busan plants
- The first fundraising took two weeks, but now it has reduced to 9 days
▶When the target donation is reached, it is shared on the intranet, boosting employee participation
- About 1 in 3 Samsung Electro-Mechanics employees participate
- An average of 8 tagging per participating employee
- One employee has tagged 377 times so far.
▶After donation, employees donate their time to maintain the special relationship with the children
- Providing support tailored for each child such as a piano lesson, Korean language education, and a cooking class
- The program will expand to all Samsung subsidiaries



"Thank you, Samsung Electro-Mechanics. I love you."

A child's handwritten letter is being talked a lot about by Samsung Electro-Mechanics employees.

This was a message of appreciation by Yunseol, the first beneficiary of Sharing Kiosk, Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ donation program, sent to Professional Kim Ik-su, who has helped her study Korean once a week.


At Samsung Electro-Mechanics, we are hearing more touching stories as employees voluntarily "donate their time" in addition to donating KRW 1,000 through "Sharing Kiosk." In just three months, the company raised and delivered KRW 27 million to nine children.


Sharing Kiosk is installed throughout the company, such as cafeterias and lobbies of Samsung Electro-Mechanics' Suwon, Sejong, and Busan plants, through which employees can make donations.

This is how it works: The story of a child in need is introduced on the screen of Sharing Kiosk, and employees who want to help can participate by tagging their employee ID card.


When KRW 3 million is raised, it is delivered to the child featured in the story, which is immediately shared on the intranet. As more and more Samsung Electro-Mechanics employees participate in the donation program, the number of people participating has rapidly increased. In April, when the kiosk was first installed, it took two weeks to raise the KRW 3 million target, but as the number of people participating and the number of tagging increase, KRW 3 million was raised in 9 days this time.


One in three SEM employees in Korea has participated in Sharing Kiosk, and the participation rate is high, with each participating employee tagging 8 times on average.


Professional Kim, who has tagged 377 times, said, "I started tagging my ID after seeing a story similar to mine because my family was not well off when I was young. I'm happy to be able to give a little help." Kim was followed by employees who tagged their IDs more than 240 times and 130 times, respectively. Samsung Electro-Mechanics employees appear to be in a tagging competition in good faith.


Chang Duckhyun, CEO of Samsung Electro-Mechanics, who also tags his ID at the kiosk every time he uses the cafeteria, said, "I am happy to be able to help children achieve their dreams. I hope many employees feel the happiness of sharing."


The company continues to support the sponsored children through employees' talent donation

Furthermore, Samsung Electro-Mechanics employees are voluntarily donating their time using their area of expertise in order to continue to help the children even after delivering the fund raised through Sharing Kiosk.


Samsung Electro-Mechanics offers a hangeul (Korean alphabet) class to Yunseol (7 years old, pseudonym), who wants to learn hangeul to write letters of appreciation; a piano lesson to Sujin (10 years old, pseudonym), who wants to become a pianist; and a cooking class to Hyeonjeong (9 years old, pseudonym), who wants to cook seaweed soup for her mother who always takes care of her sick daughter.


Samsung’s CSR vision 'Enabling People'

Under its CSR vision "Enabling People, Samsung Electro-Mechanics perform social contribution and shared growth activities centered on youth education, including Samsung Software Academy for Youth, Samsung Junior SW Academy, Samsung Smart School, Samsung Dream Class, Samsung Stepping Stone of Hope, and Blue Elephant. Samsung Electro-Mechanics will continue to enagage various social contribution activities in which employees participate together.

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