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Company 2022.08.26

Samsung Electro-Mechanics provides tech articles and product training videos

▶Tech articles: Introducing Samsung Electro-Mechanics products related to technology trends by application
▶Product training videos: Training videos on the characteristics, structure, and process of components


Samsung Electro-Mechanics provides a variety of materials related to products and technologies on its website and social media. Among them, we introduce tech articles and training videos.


Tech articles introduce technology trends by application and applicable Samsung Electro-Mechanics products.

In the tech articles, Samsung Electro-Mechanics explains the characteristics of various applications including electric vehicles, ADAS, servers, and PCs as well as their electronic components. They provide new insights into industry trends and changes in the parts industry.

▷ High Voltage MLCC for EV Powertrain

▷ 150℃ MLCC Product , Powertrain High Temperature Solution 

▷ Proposing small, ultrahigh-capacitance automotive MLCC for high performance of ADAS processor 


Training videos cover the characteristics, structure, and process of components. 

In these videos, SEM employees explain A to Z of each part in detail. They also provide a range of information that engineers can use in practice, such as explanations of unfamiliar terms related to products and addressing common misunderstandings about products.

▷ [MLCC Characteristics] 4. How to read spec sheet? : Rated voltage, IR, DF

▷ [Auto MLCC] 3. High reliability MLCC for harsh environments 

▷ [Auto MLCC] 2. High capacitance MLCC for ADAS 


Samsung Electro-Mechanics currently provides tech articles and training videos in Korean, English, and Chinese, and plans to expand the available languages. You can receive the latest news about Samsung Electro-Mechanics in real time through the website and social media. Stay informed quickly and easily by subscribing to our newsletter and social media channels. 

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