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Press Release 2022.10.05

Samsung Electro-Mechanics EVP Kim Dooyoung wins the Bronze Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit on Electronics and IT Day

▶As an expert in MLCC, the "staple of the electronics industry" with 30 years of experience, he has helped enhance the competitiveness of the Korean materials and parts industry by developing core technologies
- Contributing to strengthening industrial competitiveness by developing industry-leading products and self-developing/localizing manufacturing technology
 · The company became an industry leader by developing the world's first high-capacitance and ultra-small MLCCs in 1005/0603/0402 sizes
 · Maximizing product competitiveness by self-developing core materials and localizing dedicated equipment technology
- Strengthening the Korean material and parts industry ecosystem through technical cooperation with suppliers
▶Samsung Electro-Mechanics bolsters its responsiveness to growth markets such as electric vehicles and networks based on core MLCC material technology


삼성전기 컴포넌트사업부장 김두영 부사장

Kim Dooyoung, Executive Vice President at Samsung Electro-Mechanics, has won the Bronze Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit for contributing to strengthening the competitiveness of the Korean materials and components industry at the 17th Electronics and IT Day awards ceremony held at COEX on October 5. 

Electronics and IT Day was established to commemorate Korean electronics exports exceeding $100 billion in 2005, and has recognized those who have contributed to the development of the electronics and IT industry and the enhancement of national status by awarding Industrial Service Medal, Presidential Commendation, Prime Minister's Commendation, and Minister's Commendation.


Kim Dooyoung, Executive Vice President of the Component Solution Unit at Samsung Electro-Mechanics, joined the company in 1990 and developed core technologies for MLCC (Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitor) products and equipment, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of the Korean passive component industry.

Starting with developing the world's first and smallest high-capacitance MLCC in 2007, after 2011, as the head of the MLCC development team, he developed the world's first MLCC to apply a thin sheet of less than 1㎛ (micrometer) in a proactive response to the trend of high-performance and slim smartphones. In 2015, as the head of the MLCC manufacturing team, he established a high-yield, high-productivity manufacturing process by applying innovative techniques and equipment to mass production. He has also worked to strengthen the competitiveness of the Korean ceramic material and parts industry by pursuing shared growth through technical cooperation with suppliers and fostering talent through industry-university cooperation.


Executive Vice President Kim said, “I would like to share this honor with our engineers who have tirelessly worked to create the best products in the world. We will continue to secure core technologies of advanced materials and components to contribute to the development of the Korean electronics and parts industry.


Meanwhile, Samsung Electro-Mechanics started the MLCC business in 1986 and is currently operating its Busan plant as well as production bases in China and the Philippines. The company is reinforcing its lineup of high value-added products such as high-temperature, high-voltage, and high-reliability models based on its technological leadership in the ultra-compact and ultra-high-capacitance MLCC sector.

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