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Company 2023.03.23

Samsung Electro-Mechanics participates in the Earth Hour campaign

▶Samsung Electro-Mechanics' Suwon, Sejong, and Busan sites participated in the campaign aimed at environmental protection and energy saving
- The company also held a photo sharing event to encourage employee participation
▶Earth Hour provides an opportunity to recognize the severity of the climate crisis and realize the importance of achieving a low-carbon society


On March 15, Samsung Electro-Mechanics participated in Earth Hour by switching off lights to raise awareness of climate change and environmental issues. Earth Hour is the world’s largest climate crisis response campaign led by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). Around 7,000 cities in 190 countries and 18,000 landmarks join in turning off their lights for one hour at 8:30 p.m. on the last Saturday of March every year.


Samsung Electro-Mechanics participated in the 2023 Earth Hour campaign for the second time following last year, and this year, lights were turned off in major buildings in the Suwon, Sejong and Busan plants. Participation in this campaign is expected to save about 300KW of electricity.


On the 25th, the day of the campaign, the company also held a photo sharing event to encourage more employees to participate in the energy saving campaign. Employees shared photos of them turning off lights, lighting candles, and unplugging with family and friends. Their participation in this campaign will further help raise awareness of the climate crisis. 


Under the sustainability management vision of "Sustainable Challenges for a Better Planet & Life," Samsung Electro-Mechanics continues its efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to achieve carbon neutrality and is actively implementing ESG initiatives, such as expanding the acquisition of Zero Waste to Landfill certification. 

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