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Tech - Article 2023.04.06

Samsung Electro-Mechanics has launched MLCC 1210 inch 220㎌ 2.5V new product for automobile

▷ Multilayer ceramic capacitor CL32Z227MSV6PN#, which realized the highest capacitance of 220 μF of automotive electronics MLCC at 1210 inch (3.2×2.5mm) size / rated at 2.5 V and applicable for advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) of automobiles, has been developed and mass production has been started. Samples can also be provided. 


▷ Compared to aluminum (Al-Cap) or tantalum (Ta) capacitors, CL32Z227MSV6PN# MLCC has advantages such as low ESR (Equivalent Serial Resistance) and low ESL (Equivalent Series Inductance), and miniaturization.    


▷ The number of MLCCs installed in one vehicle is rapidly increasing due to the electrification and high functionality of automobiles. For this reason, miniaturization, stability, and capacitance expansion of MLCC are continuously required.


▷ Accordingly, Samsung Electro-Mechanics developed a product with a maximum capacitance of 220 µF in the lineup at 1210 inches (3.2 × 2.5 mm) size / rated at 2.5 V by applying its own atomization of ceramic and electrode materials and ultra-precision lamination method. 



Samsung Size Inch(mm) Capacitance Rated Voltage * TCC
CL32Z227MSV6PN# 1210(3225) 220㎌ 2.5V X7T

( * TCC : capacitance change rate in -55℃~125℃ temperature range X7R : ±15%, X7S : ±22%, X7T : +22% / -33%) 


Small Size and High Capacitance (≥ 1㎌) MLCC Lineup for ADAS / AD

 Size (Inch)

 Capacitance (Max. Rated Voltage & TCC)








 4V (X7T)







 10V (X7S)







 50V (X7R)

 6.3V (X7T)






 100V (X7S)

 25V (X7S)

 6.3V (X7T)





 100V (X7R)

 50V (X7S)

 10V (X7R)

 6.3V (X7T)





 100V (X7S)

 25V (X7S)

 10V (X7S)

 6.3V (X7T)

 2.5V (X7T)


Characteristics data

▶ Product details can be found here.  



▶ Inquiries : Please click here for product related inquiries.

▶ For the Samsung Electro-Mechanics vehicle product lineup, please see here

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