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Press Release 2023.04.27

Samsung Electro-Mechanics held the “2023 Win-Win Cooperation Day”

▶Held an online/offline communication meeting with partners at the Suwon site on April 26
- Event of communication and cooperation to solidify the eagerness for mutual growth between Samsung Electro-Mechanics and its partners
- Awarded remarkable partners for 5 standards including technical development, quality, productivity, etc.
▶Sung Kyudong, Representative of the Component Company Partners’ Council, emphasized “the necessity to secure technical competitiveness and ESG competence as it is needed to fulfill mutual growth via cooperation and communication”
▶CEO Chang Duckhyun asked for “proactive participation in the ESG management for sustainable growth as the partners’ growth is directly connected to the competitiveness of Samsung Electro-Mechanics.”
▶Supports a variety of programs to enhance the competitiveness of partners


Samsung Electro-Mechanics declared that it held the “2023 Win-Win Cooperation Day” event with the members of the Component Company Partners’ Council at its Suwon site on April 26. At the event, Chang Duckhyun, Representative Director of Samsung Electro-Mechanics, commented that “Samsung Electro-Mechanics aims to realize mutual growth based on the win-win mindset commonly pursued by Samsung Electro-Mechanics and its partners.”


As an event for promising co-existence and mutual growth between Samsung Electro-Mechanics and its partners, the Win-Win Cooperation Day was designed to award the partners that have achieved excellent performances for the past one year and to have mutual communication.


The event was attended by CEO Chang Duckhyun of Samsung Electro-Mechanics and eleven representatives of partner companies, and other 100 partners shared the event via on-line live broadcasting.


At the event, Samsung Electro-Mechanics awarded five partners that have accomplished excellent performances via innovative activities in terms of △ productivity, △ technical development, △ specialty, △ quality and △ compliance.  

As a company participating in the camera module development of Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Optrontec got an award for productivity by improving costs and productivity via process automation in an innovative manner. Hanaro Tech received an award for quality by significantly reducing the defects underlying the MLCC process, and SE Tech was selected as a technologically excellent company with its efforts admitted in terms of automation facility development. In addition, ANC Korea was awarded for compliance management by gaining the highest score in terms of labor rights and safe environments such as wage system and working-hour compliance.


As Chairman of the Council and the Representative of EO Technics, Sung Kyudong said that “it requires more efforts to overcome tough times and maintain higher and new competitiveness,” and that “the members must be prepared to enhance technical competitiveness and ESG competence together with Samsung Electro-Mechanics, as it is crucial to achieve mutual development via cooperation and communication.”

CEO Chang Duckhyun of Samsung Electro-Mechanics commented that “we will encounter both opportunities and risks under the continued global economic uncertainties,” adding that “Samsung Electro-Mechanics will further solidify mutual cooperation with its partners, thereby creating customer value and a company not affected by market conditions based on the best products.”
CEO Chang Duckhyun also emphasized that “it is needed to participate in the ESG management proactively for sustainable growth,” saying that “Samsung Electro-Mechanics believes that its partners’ development will directly lead to the improved competitiveness of Samsung Electro-Mechanics.”

Out of a total of approximately 500 domestic and overseas partners, Samsung Electro-Mechanics has been transacting with around 250 domestic entities, whose annual sales variously range from KRW 1 billion to KRW 1 trillion. Thirty-seven component companies are registered as members of the ‘Component Company Partners’ Council (hyup-boo-hoe, in Korean).’ The Council has forty-years of history after its establishment in 1986 and the middle word ‘boo’ in its Korean name is from the Korean word ‘boo-poom’ (which means components), thereby symbolically referring to domestic representative electronic component companies.

In the meantime, with an aim to realize the win-win mindset for mutual growth, Samsung Electro-Mechanics has been supporting △ mutual growth funds and smart factory funds, etc., △ practical improvement such as productivity enhancement, quality innovation, safe environment, △ support for purchase innovation and lower-cost solution development, △ improvement of professional skills and tier-based tailored capacity and △ enhanced communication with partners.

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