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Company 2023.06.26

Town Hall Meeting with CEO


In June, Samsung Electro-Mechanics held its ninth town hall meeting for employees and the CEO to communicate freely. The Samsung Electro-Mechanics town hall meeting is Samsung Electro-Mechanics' unique communication channel where employees freely exchange their ideas with the CEO about the team's direction and work difficulties, new technologies, and more.


About 200 employees working in various fields from Suwon, Sejong, and Busan business sites voluntarily participated in the event, and the event was held for 90 minutes under the theme of ‘Utilizing Generative AI and the Future'.



The employees in attendance asked many questions about the use of AI within the company, such as "the future of our company with AI" and "in-house information protection and the use of open AI." In response, CEO Chang Duckhyun conveyed his concerns on AI and especially asked employees to create a collective intelligence with BP (Best Practices) they had collected in their respective areas, saying that they should be aware of the steep development speed of AI and analyze and prepare for what kind of impact it will have.

Meanwhile, this town hall meeting was even more special with the voluntary participation of employees who have always had an interest in AI. Many employees commented that it had been beneficial to explore different aspects of the rapidly evolving AI technology.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics said it looks forward to communicating with more employees in various ways through town hall meetings, and hopes that the employees who participated in the event had a good time and gained many insights.

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