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Company 2023.10.26

Samsung Electro-Mechanics celebrates its 50th anniversary


At the time of Samsung Electro-Mechanics' founding, the technology level of the Korean electronics industry was barely capable of simple assembly.

Established in 1973 with the goal of domestically producing core components, Samsung Electro-Mechanics proudly achieved independent management within 10 years of its start as a joint venture. Since then, the company has continued to grow rapidly with overseas   expansion, and by the turn of the 2000s, it has set a number of records for the world's first, world's smallest, and world's thinnest MLCCs.



In the 2010s, the company mass-produced package substrates for servers and launched products incorporating advanced technologies such as 200-megapixel OIS camera modules, and in the 2020s, it entered the EV, autonomous driving, and server markets with high-reliability products based on IT technology.


From zero to the core of the high-tech component industry, Samsung Electro-Mechanics has been challenging   and growing through turbulent times and is working tirelessly to become the core of not only its key businesses of EVs, autonomous driving, and AI computing, but also the robotics, space industry, and energy sectors of the far future.



Samsung Electro-Mechanics has laid the foundation for the domestic electronic components industry.

Take a closer look at the past 50 years at the online history museum on the official website.


[Explore the 50th anniversary online history gallery]

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