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Press Release 2023.07.06

Samsung Electro-Mechanics conducts “ZERO WAVE” ESG campaign to commemorate its 50th anniversary

▶“ESG management begins with small actions in daily life”, 5 missions for practicing ESG in commemoration of its 50th anniversary, making into “Zero(0)”
- Five areas selected: ▲ Zero waste (reducing waste) ▲ Net Zero (reducing carbon) ▲ Zero bias (reducing discrimination) ▲ Zero Water scarcity (saving water) ▲ Zero social distance (reducing social distance)
▶To also participate in the “Plastic Free July” challenge to reduce plastic use
▶“2022~2023 Sustainability Report” published, achieved 120,000 tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction and 7 billion liters of water reuse last year
- Absorption of carbon dioxide equivalent to 13 million pine trees, reusage of water comparable to the daily usage amount of about 23 million Koreans



Samsung Electro-Mechanics (CEO Chang Duckhyun) announced on July 6th that it will launch a “Zero Wave” campaign to practice ESG in daily life in celebration of its 50th anniversary. Samsung Electro-Mechanics plans to continue preparing various programs to encourage all employees to participate in the spread of ESG through small actions such as reducing the usage of paper, electricity, and disposable products.


The Zero Wave campaign was designed to make each of the five areas of ESG practice into “zero”, symbolizing the “50” in the 50th anniversary of the company's foundation.

To help employees voluntarily practice ESG management, Samsung Electro-Mechanics will select one mission per month from the following five areas: ▲ Zero waste (reducing waste) ▲ Net Zero (reducing carbon) ▲ Zero bias (reducing discrimination) ▲ Zero Water scarcity (saving water) ▲ Zero social distance (reducing social distance).

The company will also be giving away prizes through a lottery if employees submit relevant photos after freely practicing the missions in daily life or informing their colleagues about the campaign.


Last June was the “Zero Waste(reducing waste)” activity period and various activities were carried out to reduce waste, such as reducing the amount of paper printed at work, using personal tumblers, and using eco-bags instead of plastic bags.



July is the “Plastic Free July” challenge period, and Samsung Electro-Mechanics plans to encourage employee participation in order to create habits for reducing plastic use. “Plastic Free July” is a campaign that challenges people to reduce or eliminate their plastic consumption during the month of July. It began in Australia in 2011 and has since grown to include more than 100 million participants in more than 190 countries.


Samsung Electro-Mechanics CEO Chang Duckhyun said, “For eco-friendly management, which is becoming an important measure of corporate value, Samsung Electro-Mechanics reflects related management activities and strategies, such as climate change response, in our decision-making,” adding that “Samsung Electro-Mechanics will establish itself as a trusted company in the global market by strengthening the fulfillment of our environmental responsibility (Planet), the pursuit of happiness for members of society (People), and sustainable growth (Progress).”


Meanwhile, Samsung Electro-Mechanics has been publishing its “Sustainability Report” since 2006 to inform various stakeholders about its major businesses and ESG management activities. According to the “2022~2023 Sustainability Report”, the company reduced its GHG emissions by about 120,000 tons year-on-year last year, and its water reuse volume increased by 8% year-on-year to about 7 billion liters. The reduced GHG emissions are equivalent to planting 13 million pine trees, and the amount of water reused is comparable to the water usage of about 23 million Koreans for one day.

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