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Press Release 2023.10.24

Ahn Byungki, Vice President of Samsung Electro-Mechanics, receives a Presidential Citation for the “18th Electronics & IT Day”

▶Enhancement of Korea's IT industry competitiveness by building core technologies for camera modules
- Building a folded zoom camera strategy and succeeding in mass production
▶Contributing to the localization of core components such as lenses and actuators



On October 24, Ahn Byungki, Vice President of Samsung Electro-Mechanics, received a Presidential Citation for his contributions to strengthening the competitiveness of Korea's camera module industry at the “18th Electronics & IT Day” Awards Ceremony held at COEX in Seoul.


Established in 2005 to commemorate the passing of the USD 100 billion mark in electronic exports, the “Electronics & IT Day” event honors those who have contributed to the development of the electronics and IT industry and the enhancement of the country's status with industrial medals, industrial citations, presidential citations, prime ministerial citations, and ministerial citations.


Vice President Ahn Byungki, head of the IT Optics Team at Samsung Electro-Mechanics, joined Samsung Electro-Mechanics in 2004 and developed core technologies for camera modules, improving the competitiveness of the domestic module industry.  


Especially, in 2007, he developed a technology that reduced the height of modules by applying the world's first ceramic package substrate, contributing to ultra-slim camera modules. In 2019, he successfully completed the task of establishing a folded zoom strategy and product design for making the world's first DSLR smartphone camera, and successfully completed mass production, contributing to the consolidation of Samsung Electro-Mechanics' global leadership position in the camera module business. In addition, he played a major role in expanding the design and manufacturing technology of actuators, a key component of camera modules whose component supply chain is centered on Taiwan and Japan and contributed to the growth of domestic component supply partners.

“This recognition means a lot as it validates Samsung Electro-Mechanics' R&D capabilities in camera modules” said Ahn Byungki. “We will continue to secure core technologies for Super Gap camera modules to provide optimal solutions for our customers.” 


Samsung Electro-Mechanics has been in the camera module business since 2002 and currently operates production bases in China and Vietnam. The company is also expanding its business with global automakers with differentiated products in the field of automotive camera modules based on the technology it has accumulated in the mobile sector.


※ Development history of key core technologies

'04: Developed EMI-reducing socket type modules (world's first/smallest) 

'07: Developed Side Contact modules utilizing ceramic PCB (world's first/smallest) 

'10: Developed ultra-small and ultra-powerful PIEZO AF camera module (world's first/smallest)  

'11: Camera module using Ball Guide Type Hybrid Actuators (world's first/smallest)  

'15: Developed mechanical image stabilization camera module (world's first)

'17: Dual OIS camera (world's first) 

'18: 2-stage aperture and Dual, Triple Multi cameras (world's first)

'19: 100 megapixels and 3→5x Folded Zoom (world's first)

'20: 100 megapixels and 48M Folded Zoom (highest resolution)

'22: 200 megapixels and Diagonal OIS (highest resolution)

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