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Press Release 2024.02.26

Samsung Electro-Mechanics Holds Tech & Career Forum for the Lens Field... Top-notch Tech Companies are Driven by Top Talent

▶ Held a “Tech & Career Forum” with 40 master’s and doctoral level talents doing research in the field of optics
- A place for industry-academia collaborative exchanges to enhance material and component technology competitiveness and to secure specialized human resources
- Introduction of major technologies such as lens design and optical coating and hands-on experience of advanced technologies, including plant (line) tours



Samsung Electro-Mechanics has set out to attract outstanding talent to ensure the competitiveness of its super-gap technology in the field of optics.


On February 23, Samsung Electro-Mechanics held a Tech & Career Forum (T&C Forum) for the lens field at the Suwon Plant of Samsung Electro-Mechanics, inviting more than 40 master’s and doctoral level talents in natural sciences and engineering who are conducting research in the field of lenses and optics.


The event was attended by key R&D executives in the field of optics, including Executive Vice President Lee Taegon, Head of Optics & Communication Solution Unit of Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Vice President Kim Dongjin, Head of Lens Team, and Master Cho Yongjoo, to communicate directly with the talented employees and share the future vision of Samsung Electro-Mechanics.



The in-person participation of key development executives from Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ optics unit at the “Tech & Career Forum” is aimed at expanding the search for global talent and strengthening Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ recruitment brand. In the fast-growing optics-related market, attracting and nurturing talent is an important aspect of increasing future competitiveness. Samsung Electro-Mechanics is continuously investing in talent acquisition and development to become a “top-notch tech component company”.


“In the rapidly changing development scene, talent is the most important factor in securing super-gap technologies,” said Vice President Lee Taegon, Head of Optics & Communication Solution Unit of Samsung Electro-Mechanics, “We hope that this event will serve as an opportunity for talented students to show more interest in Samsung Electro-Mechanics and the field of materials and components.”



The forum included programs such as the introduction of Samsung Electro-Mechanics, presentation of trends in camera module products and lens technology, plant (line) tours, and discussions on each area of lens technology, and lasted about 6 hours.

Students who attended the event said that the most memorable part of the program was the tech session, where they were able to discuss innovative technologies such as △optical design, △optical device design, and △optical coating with Samsung Electro-Mechanics executives and employees. “It was a great experience to learn about lens/optics-related technology trends from the perspective of companies and consumer demands in the market,” they all said.


Lee Hyungwoo, a student in the Ph.D. program at POSTECH, said, “It gave me a lot of motivation to experience how the field I am researching is applied in companies.” He added, “I hope to go back and successfully complete my research so that I can contribute to the strengthening of optics-related technologies.”


Samsung Electro-Mechanics focuses on nurturing and securing professional talent to ensure technological competitiveness in the materials and components field. In 2022, the company signed a recruitment-linked talent training agreement with Pohang University of Science & Technology (POSTECH) for operation of tailored training courses in materials and components and conducting research.

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