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Samsung Electro-Mechanics CEO Kyung Kyehyun delivers a keynote speech at Global Tech Korea 2021


□ Gave a keynote speech on the theme of ‘Holistic Movement to The Better Normal’

□ Envisioned a future in line with megatrends and changes in technology and industry

□ Introduced Samsung Electro-Mechanics' efforts to provide a valuable experience for all


Samsung Electro-Mechanics CEO Kyung Kyehyun delivered a keynote speech on the theme of "Holistic Movement to The Better Normal" at the global technology cooperation conference "Global Tech Korea 2021."
Hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and organized by the Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology and The Electronic Times, Global Tech Korea 2021 brought together leaders in the electronics industry to share their visions for the present and future of advanced technology. The conference held at COEX in Seoul was simultaneously live streamed online, and CEO Kyung Kyehyun took the stage as the first keynote speaker following the opening ceremony of the conference.


In his speech, CEO Kyung first envisioned a future in line with recent mega-trends and changes in technology and industry. He pointed to the changes in the social paradigm, such as the spread of contactless culture due to the COVID-19 pandemic, acceleration of digital transformation, and a shift in perception of the value of life, as well as ever-evolving technologies, such as AI, IoT, and robots. He said that at a time when we constantly see new infrastructure and device innovation, evolution through M&As and technology development by companies creates the "better normal" that provides new experiences to mankind and enables us to lead meaningful lives. 


Next, CEO Kyung introduced Samsung Electro-Mechanics' all round efforts to deliver a valuable experience for all. Emphasizing the mission of Samsung Electro-Mechanics, "To bring the best components and compelling solutions that enrich people's experience," he said the company will focus on further improving the technology of its core products, such as circuit boards, camera modules, and MLCCs, and make easy-to-use products in any applications.

Furthermore, the CEO added that he would create new value by innovating the way people work at Samsung Electro-Mechanics. He said that the company is promoting digital transformation (DX) across all areas so that employees can focus more on valuable work and increase work efficiency, and is also working to build an organizational culture that guarantees "freedom to fail" to help employees realize their full potential. He also reiterated the company's commitment to practical ESG efforts, rather than evaluation-focused activities. 


On the last note, he stated that Samsung Electro-Mechanics strives to become a “top growth company where I want to work and that everyone wants to work with" and the company will continue to contribute to creating a world of coexistence where everyone can live meaningful lives.



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