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Samsung Electro-Mechanics' Hope Dream Kiosk helps a child to continue to dream

▶A donation and gifts were delivered to the third recipient of Hope Dream Kiosk
▶The program sponsors children in local communities around the company’s Suwon, Sejong, and Busan plants
▶More than 10 million won has been raised in about two months since the opening of Hope Dream Kiosk in April


There is a saying "It takes a village to raise a child." It is an African proverb that means that not just the family but also the neighbors, the local community, and all members of society must work together for the growth of a child.
On June 7, Samsung Electro-Mechanics' employees who wish a child in our society to grow up healthy and happily shared their hearts in Busan, where a donation ceremony was held for the third recipient of Hope Dream Kiosk.
Samsung Electro-Mechanics has introduced Hope Dream Kiosk to promote a voluntary sharing culture among employees. Each time an employee ID is tagged on the kiosk, 1,000 won is donated. When the total donation reaches 3 million won, it is delivered to the person featured in each story. Since the opening in April, delivery ceremonies have been held at the Suwon, Sejong, and Busan plants thanks to the active participation of SEM employees.
At the delivery ceremony held in Busan this time, school supplies and gifts such as a school bag were delivered together with the donation. For the child who wanted to go to an amusement park with the family, amusement park tickets were also delivered. The donation will be used to sponsor the child's piano lessons and purchase of musical instruments.
The employee who made the largest donation joined the ceremony and said, “I am happy to be able to take part in supporting the dream of a child. I will continue to actively participate in Hope Dream Kiosk."
In just two months after opening, the donation raised at Hope Dream Kiosk has already reached 10 million won. Small sharing is coming together and sending big hope to children.


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