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Samsung Electro-Mechanics' Sharing Kiosk donation exceeds KRW 100 million

삼성전기 장덕현 사장이 나눔 키오스크에 태깅하고 있다

You can find Sharing Kiosk throughout the offices of Samsung Electro-Mechanics. Sharing Kiosk introduces the stories of children in need, and KRW 1,000 is donated every time employees tag their employee IDs. When the target amount is reached, the donation is delivered to the child featured in the story.


삼성전기 임직원들이 나눔 키오스크 태깅 후 기념사진을 찍고 있다

The Sharing Kiosk program, which was launched in April, exceeded KRW 100 million in total donations after eight months of operation. Half of all employees in Korea participated in the donation, and the participation rate is high, with each participating employee tagging 18 times on average. More than 100 employees tagged more than 240 times.


Furthermore, Samsung Electro-Mechanics employees have also donated their time to interact with these children. One team raised KRW 4 million by holding a bazaar and plans to deliver Christmas gifts to the children.


Under its CSR vision "Together for Tomorrow! Enabling People,” Samsung Electro-Mechanics is carrying out social contribution activities centered on youth education. Samsung Electro-Mechanics will continue to engage in various social contribution activities in which employees participate together.


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