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Press Release 2023.09.05

Samsung Electro-Mechanics Unveils Next-Generation Semiconductor Package Substrate Technology at 'KPCA Show 2023'

▶To unveil large-area, high-multilayer, ultra-slim semiconductor package substrates that are key to differentiating semiconductor performance
- To unveil semiconductor package substrates for servers, the most challenging of semiconductor package substrates, and ultra-slim semiconductor package substrates with a 50% reduction in board thickness using coreless technology.
- To showcase System on Substrate (SoS), a next-generation package substrate that integrates two or more semiconductor chips on a package substrate.
▶Samsung Electro-Mechanics, “To expand global market share with the world's most advanced FCBGA technology”


Samsung Electro-Mechanics announced today that it will unveil its next-generation semiconductor package substrate technology at the “KPCA Show 2023”.

The KPCA Show (international PCB and semiconductor packaging industry exhibition) is Korea's largest package substrate exhibition for domestic and foreign package substrates, materials, and equipment companies and will be held from September 6 to 8 at Songdo Convensia in Incheon.


Samsung Electro-Mechanics is the largest semiconductor package substrate company in Korea, and will display large-area, high-multilayer, and ultra-slim next-generation semiconductor package substrates at the exhibition to showcase its technology.


Semiconductor package substrates connect highly integrated semiconductor chips and mainboards to transmit electrical signals and power. Semiconductor package substrates are becoming the key to differentiating semiconductor performance in response to industry paradigm changes such as servers, AI, cloud, metaverse, and automotive use. As the performance of semiconductors continues to improve, semiconductor package substrates require advanced technologies such as increasing the number of internal layers, implementing microcircuits, fine matching between layers, and reducing thickness.


At the exhibition, Samsung Electro-Mechanics will be focusing on high-performance FCBGAs, which are high-end products.


FCBGA (Flip-chip Ball Grid Array) is a highly integrated semiconductor package substrate that connects semiconductor chips and package substrates in a Flip Chip method and has improved electrical and thermal properties.


The FCBGA for servers on display is the most advanced product with 4 times the size (area) of a regular FCBGA and more than 20 internal layers to process signals at high speeds, and Samsung Electro-Mechanics has the industry's highest level of technology as the only mass-producer of FCBGAs for servers in Korea.


Samsung Electro-Mechanics will also showcase ultra-slim, high-density semiconductor package substrates for mobile IT. The company will introduce the Flip Chip Chip Scale Package (FCCSP), which is 50% thinner than existing products by applying the Coreless method to remove the core (internal support layer) inside the semiconductor package substrate, and the System in Package (SiP), which embeds multiple semiconductor chips and passive components such as MLCC inside the semiconductor package substrate.


Meanwhile, Samsung Electro-Mechanics is introducing System on Substrate (SoS) as a next-generation package substrate platform. System on Substrate (SoS) refers to a package substrate with an ultra-refining process that enables two or more semiconductor chips to be arranged on a package substrate and implemented as an integrated system.


“As high specification and high-performance demands for semiconductors continue, semiconductor package substrates are becoming the key to differentiating semiconductor performance,” said Kim Eungsoo, Executive Vice President of the Package Solution Unit at Samsung Electro-Mechanics. “Based on our world leading FCBGA technology, Samsung Electro-Mechanics will continue to develop core manufacturing technologies to increase our quality competitiveness and expand our market share in the global FCBGA market.”


Meanwhile, for visitors who are unable to visit the exhibition hall, Samsung Electro-Mechanics will operate a KPCA online exhibition hall on its website from the 6th to introduce core technologies such as thinning and refinement technologies for semiconductor package substrates using advanced methods unique to Samsung Electro-Mechanics by video.

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