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Press Release 2023.11.01

Samsung Electro-Mechanics Holds a Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of its Founding

▶50th Anniversary Celebration at the Suwon Business Site
- More than 300 employees attended the event, while Sejong and Busan business sites watched via live broadcast
- Held the “ESG Sharing Festival” since September as part of ESG management and sharing practices to mark the 50th anniversary of its founding
▶Unveiled the vision slogan, “The Core of a Digital Future”, created through employee participation
- Pledge to become a global electronic component company through technological innovation
- Slogan selected by employees through an internal contest since last May
▶“Let's prepare for a new 50 years and create a 100-year company to pass on to future generations,” said CEO Chang Duckhyun
- Emphasize engineering-driven technology innovation for the digital future
- Build an organizational culture where employees and the company grow together



On November 1, Samsung Electro-Mechanics (CEO Chang Duckhyun) held a celebration to commemorate the 50th anniversary of its founding at the Suwon business site. The ceremony was attended by more than 300 employees, including management such as CEO Chang Duckhyun, and employees from domestic business sites such as Sejong and Busan, who participated via live broadcast.

The ceremony began with a 50th anniversary performance, followed by a commemorative video, awards for outstanding employees, a commemorative speech, and the unveiling of Samsung Electro-Mechanics' vision slogan.



□ “Let's contribute to the development of the electronics industry by overcoming the limits of technology through constant innovation”, CEO Chang Duckhyun


“The history of Samsung Electro-Mechanics' growth is due to the hard work and passion of all of our employees,” said CEO Chang Duckhyun in his commemorative speech. “As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of our founding, I would like to congratulate you on the successes we have achieved together and express my sincere gratitude for your contributions and dedication.”

CEO Chang laid out three keywords for preparing for the future: △Engineering, △Innovation, and △Digital Future.

First, he emphasized that we need to transform into an engineering-based, technology-driven company to take the lead in the upcoming digital future.


He also urged employees to pursue ESG management that is unique to Samsung Electro-Mechanics, “a sustainable challenge for a better planet and lives.”


In closing, CEO Chang said that only by building a culture where employees and the company grow together can the company become the core of the new digital future. He called on Samsung Electro-Mechanics to contribute to the development of the electronics industry by overcoming the limits of technology through constant innovation to become a 100-year company, beyond 50 years.



□ Unveiled a new 50-year vision slogan: “The Core of a Digital Future”


On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, Samsung Electro-Mechanics unveiled the company's new vision slogan for the next 50 years and announced its intention to become a representative global electronic components company.


The company's new vision slogan, “The Core of a Digital Future,” means “a new digital future, at the core of which are Samsung Electro-Mechanics products”.


The slogan was selected by employees through an internal contest since last May, making it even more meaningful, said Samsung Electro-Mechanics.


In addition, as part of its efforts to build a 100-year company, Samsung Electro-Mechanics has formed the “MY innovation Task Force (TF),” which will diagnose the organizational culture and establish measures for each area after identifying problems to innovate the way of working and organizational culture.

The ideas generated through the task force will be considered by Samsung Electro-Mechanics in light of existing systems, and an action plan will be developed.


□ “ESG Sharing Festival” ... Celebrating 50 Years of Growth together with the Society


Samsung Electro-Mechanics announced that more than 10,000 employees in Korea have been participating in the “2023 ESG Sharing Festival” since September to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its founding, linking social contribution and ESG activities.

The event is divided into two themes: “Sharing” and “Environment”. Employees participated in social contribution activities such as blood donation, a sharing kiosk to donate to sponsored children, and Hands on, a waste film recycling activity, as well as various eco-friendly activities such as plogging for local communities and water conservation.

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