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Company 2023.11.22

December in the History of Samsung Electro-Mechanics

Founded in 1973, Samsung Electro-Mechanics has developed and produced core electronic components, increasing the competitiveness of the Korean electronics industry and growing into a partner of global electronics, IT, and automobile companies. Let's look back on what happened in December in the history of Samsung Electro-Mechanics since 1973.
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1985ㅣ First in the electronic components industry to win the Precision Industry Promotion Tower Award



On December 26, 1985, Samsung Electro-Mechanics participated in the Korea Precision Technology Contest and won the President's Precision Industry Promotion Tower Award. A total of 29 companies competed in the contest. It was Samsung Electro-Mechanics' first participation, and the company became the first electronic components maker to win the award for its ultra-precision technology.

1996ㅣ Busan Plant supplied its first localized component to Samsung Motors
As the Samsung Group entered the passenger car and parts business, Samsung Electro-Mechanics was selected as the key company to drive the components business in 1994. We began preparing for the automobile parts business centered on electronic control and automotive devices, led by the Motor Business Division, and supplied the first localized component to Samsung Motors in December 1996.
Currently, the Busan Plant produces semiconductor package substrates and MLCCs. With the automotive MLCC production line completed in the Busan Plant, we are focusing on the growth of the automotive MLCC business.
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2004ㅣ Won the Trade, Industry and Energy Minister's Award at the 1st Large and Small Businesses Cooperation Awards
With the launch of the "Supplier Development Team" in 2004, we began pursuing win-win management with suppliers in earnest. We shared our technologies and opened Win-Win Plaza, a development collaboration space, within the company. In recognition of these efforts, we received the Large and Small Businesses Cooperation Award, which is given to companies that gained global competitiveness through win-win cooperation.

2005ㅣ Developed a semiconductor package substrate

In 2005, we developed the world's thinnest semiconductor package substrate. The product developed at that time was an ultra-thin size of 0.1mm, a thickness comparable to paper, and was a cutting-edge substrate that allows for stacking of up to eight layers of high-performance semiconductors such as flash memory and SRAM. In addition, the world's highest level of technology was applied in the product development process, such as ultra-high density of circuit spacing and the industry's first use of 40-micrometer raw materials.
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2009ㅣ Selected for DJSI for 14 consecutive years since the first inclusion in 2009

The Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI), an internationally acclaimed index that evaluates companies' sustainability performance, is being used by individual and institutional investors as benchmarks for responsible investment and comparing the sustainable business practices of companies. Samsung Electro-Mechanics was included in DJSI for the first time in 2009 and has been selected for 14 consecutive years until 2023. This is the longest record among Korean companies, and Samsung Electro-Mechanics is the only company to achieve this feat.
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2018ㅣ Entered the 1 trillion won club
In 2018, Samsung Electro-Mechanics achieved over KRW 1 trillion in operating profit, setting a new record at the time. In particular, the Component Solution Division posted remarkable sales growth, driven by increased sales of high-reliability MLCCs for automobiles and network equipment. Samsung Electro-Mechanics is seeking continued growth by diversifying its partners in the automotive and industrial sectors and unlocking new business opportunities such as 5G, AI, and autonomous driving.

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