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Tech - Article 2024.02.19

Samsung Electro-Mechanics has launched a new product MLCC, 1210 inch, X7R, 630V, 100㎋ for vehicle.

▷ We have developed and started mass production of a high-voltage laminated ceramic capacitor CL32B104KHU6PN# with a size of 1210 inch (3.2×2.5mm), X7R (-55 to 125℃), a rated voltage of 630V, and a capacitance of 100㎋. Samples are now available. 


▷ With the electrification and advanced functionality of automobiles, the number of MLCCs mounted in one vehicle has rapidly increased, and there is a constant need for miniaturization, high voltage, stability, and expansion of capacitance of MLCCs.


▷ Accordingly, Samsung Electro-Mechanics continues to expand its MLCC lineup with small size, high voltage, and high capacitance. By expanding the capacitance to 100nF in the 1210 inch, X7R, 630V lineups, this product meets the miniaturization and high efficiency characteristics required for xEV (OBC, DC-DC Converter, etc.) applications.


Samsung Size Capacitance Rated Voltage TCC
1210 inch 100nF 630V *X7R

* X7R : Capacitance Change rate ±15%  in the temperature range of -55 ~ +125℃


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