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Company 2021.04.22

Samsung Electro-Mechanics launches MLCC Cross Reference search service

Starting in April, the Samsung Electro-Mechanics website will provide MLCC product cross reference search service. Cross Reference is a search service that shows Samsung Electro-Mechanics products that can serve as substitutes when inputting the part number for other MLCC products. This service provides information on over 15,000 products and can be used as reference when using Samsung Electro-Mechanics MLCC products or making purchasing decisions.
The usage method for the Cross Reference search service is as follows.
1. Access Cross Reference through the Product Search, Component Library.

① Product Search

Product Search, Samsung electro-mechanics

② Component Library

Component Library, Please select item from the list below

2. After inputting the entire part number of another company’s product, click on the Search button.


Cross Reference, Please input the full part number.3. You can check the spec and data sheet for substitutable products.

Cross Reference, Please input the full part number. Search Result
Detailed information, including the functions, characteristics, and usage of various passive components, including MLCC, can be found in the Product Search, Component Library as well as through customer inquiry/FAQ.

The Samsung Electro-Mechanics will continue to provide better information through various functions and the latest data.

* The reference information in the Cross Reference page are estimates by Samsung Electro-Mechanics and may change without prior notice, and the company shall not provide any separate guarantee on the accuracy or completeness of the information. 



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