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Press Release 2023.11.29

Samsung Electro-Mechanics Annual Executive Appointments for 2024

Samsung Electro-Mechanics today announced its 2024 annual executive appointments. A total of eight people were promoted, including two Executive Vice Presidents and six Vice Presidents.



By selecting core talents from each unit, including R&D, manufacturing, facility technology, sales, and business management, Samsung Electro-Mechanics has strengthened the leadership that will be the main pillar of future growth through constant challenge and innovation, and is expanding diversity within the organization by appointing female executives for the second year in a row. 


In the MLCC/Camera Module unit, Samsung Electro-Mechanics promoted and selected talented individuals to lead cutting-edge product development, and in the Package unit, the company promoted and selected talented individuals to lead productivity innovation for package substrates, focusing on core talents who can lead the expansion of the business.


Samsung Electro-Mechanics concluded its regular executive appointments today and will soon be conducting reorganizations and assignments to new positions.



[List of promotions] 

■ Promoted to Executive Vice President (2 persons) 

   PARK SEON - CHEOL  (박선철)   AN BYUNG - GI  (안병기)


■ Promoted to Vice President (6 persons) 


   CHO JAE - CHOON (조재춘)     HEO MOON - SEOK (허문석)   HEO SOO -YEONG (허수영)

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