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Company 2024.02.19

Updated MLCC catalog for IT/industrial and automotive

▶ Addition of new lineup of MLCC for IT/industrial, creation of new MFC (Molded Frame Capacitors) category
▶ New lineup of MLCCs for automotive added (General, Mid/High Voltage, etc.), creation of new Low ESL Capacitors category


Samsung Electro-Mechanics provides product catalogs to help customers to have a better understanding of its products and to easily obtain the necessary information.

The MLCC catalog is divided into two types: IT/industrial and automotive. 


Through this update, Samsung Electro-Mechanics new MLCC lineup and categories have been added. In particular, you can check out the expanded lineup of Mid/High Voltage Type in the catalog for automotive. 


The MLCC catalog for IT/industrial introduces Normal Capacitors/ High Level Ⅰ/ High Level Ⅱ, MFC (Molded Frame Capacitors), LSC (Land Side Capacitors), High Bending Strength, Low Acoustic Noise, and Low ESL Type. In the MLCC catalog for automotive, it is possible to find a total of 7 lineups such as General Capacitors, Mid/High Voltage, High Bending Strength, Fail Safe, High Temperature, ESD Protection, and Low ESL. 


For detailed information, click the button below or check it in the [Customer Support > Product Catalog] category on our website.

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