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Tech - Article 2024.03.20

Samsung Electro-Mechanics launches new MLCC (0603 inch, C0G, 100V, 10㎋) for vehicles

0603 inch (1.6×0.8mm) size, C0G (-55~125℃), capacitance of 10nF at a rated voltage of 100V.

▷ We have developed and started mass production of CL10C103JC81PN#, a multilayer ceramic capacitor for temperature compensation applicable to xEV (BEV, PHEV). 

Samples are now available.


▷ This product has been reduced in size by 50% compared to the market product 0805 inch (2.0 X 1.25mm), ensuring the same level of reliability and durability while being compact. 


▷ With the electrification and advanced functionality of automobiles, the number of MLCCs mounted in one vehicle has rapidly increased, and there is a constant need for miniaturization of MLCCs, higher voltage, and expansion of capacitance.


▷ Samsung Electro-Mechanics is expanding its lineup of small, high-capacitance MLCCs to meet market demands by applying its proprietary atomization of ceramic and electrode materials and ultra-precise lamination methods.  



Samsung Size Capacitance Rated Voltage TCC
0603 inch 10nF 100V C0G

* C0G (Capacitance Change rate in -55 ~ +125℃) : 0±30ppm/℃


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