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Tech - Article 2024.04.22

Samsung Electro-Mechanics releases the world's first automotive MLCC in 0402 inch size, X7S, 1㎌, 16V.

Achieved the highest capacitance of 1μF for automotive MLCCs at rated 16V in 0402 inch (1.0×0.5mm) size.

▷ Developed and began mass production of the multilayer ceramic capacitor CL05Y105KO66PN#, which can be widely used for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Driving (AD) applications in vehicles. Samples are now available.


▷ The product maintains the same capacitance as the existing 0603 inch (1.6×0.8mm) size while expanding the rated voltage up to 16V, thus satisfying both voltage stability and miniaturization requirements, making it possible to replace the existing 0603 inch size.


▷ With the increasing sophistication of automotive functionalities, the use of SoCs and SiPs within vehicles is increasing, leading to a continuous demand for the miniaturization of MLCCs and the expansion of their capacitance.


▷ To respond to this technology, Samsung Electro-Mechanics is continuously expanding its lineup of small-sized, high-capacitance MLCCs for automotive applications with unique ceramic & electrode technology and ultra precise lamination methods.




Samsung Size Capacitance Rated Voltage TCC Remarks
0402 inch 1㎌ 16V X7S World’s First

(X7S: Capacitance change rate in the temperature range of -55°C to 125°C: ±22%)


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