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May in Samsung Electro-Mechanics History


Founded in 1973, Samsung Electro-Mechanics established the foundation for technological independence for Korea’s components industry and has developed into a company that develops and manufactures core electronics components around the world. With approximately 48 years of history, we will now review May in the history of Samsung Electro-Mechanics from 1973 to present.
1985ㅣ30 million hours of zero-hazard
Since its foundation, Samsung Electro-Mechanics has been endeavoring to prevent various industrial hazards by identifying all risk factors within the company in advance and taking precautionary measures. Under the slogan, “The workplace is the 2nd home”, it has built out habitual safety management with the basic mind of respect for humanity. Along with such endeavors, it launched its company-wide zero-hazard movement since January 1982, it proactively induced the habituation of safety.


As a result, on Jun. 4, 1983, it achieved 10 million hours of zero hazard, and 12 million hours in August, and on July 7, 1984, it achieved 20 million hours of zero hazard for the first time in Korea. In addition, on May 20, 1985, it achieved 30 million hours, which is a new record for Korea’s industrial safety, and in recognition for such achievements, it was the first company to receive a Presidential Award for Industrial Hazard Prevention, which is the most prestigious award in this area.

1990ㅣQuality Declaration Ceremony, burning away defective products
Acknowledging that quality improvement precedes corporate development, targets and strategies were established by each business unit to achieve advanced quality, and in order to garner a collective understanding across the company, 7 quality declaration clauses were selected.


Declaration 1. Drastically transform into quality-first production system.
Declaration 2. Understand what the client wants and produce accurately.
Declaration 3. Ensure quality through perfect design, and guarantee production quality through work standards.
Declaration 4. Establish production process quality with partner companies and secure material quality.
Declaration 5. The next process is my client. My quality is for me to defend.
Declaration 6. Establish a process quality guarantee system.
Declaration 7. Set standards for packaging quality, delivery quality, and storage quality, and prevent quality defects.

1993ㅣ8mm video camera fine motor localization development and mass production
In Oct. 1992, in response to the rapid worldwide growth in demand for VTR and computer small motors, Samsung Electro-Mechanics began its preparation to enter the overseas market. In 1993, it successfully developed a convenient universal remote controller that could be used simultaneously on all TVs and VTRs as well as an 8mm video camera drum motor. In particular, the 8mm video camera drum motor that was developed in May 1993 was successfully developed with its own independent technology, and it was a product that was smaller and lighter than existing products.

1998ㅣCompletion of China Tianjin New Factory
After the Tianjin Branch, “Tianjin Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., Ltd.” was established, in May 1998, a new factory with a total floor space of 27,000 pyeongs was completed, which not only expanded upon previous products, but also added new production facilities for MLCC and other thin film components, building a reputable comprehensive electronics parts district. 

2019ㅣOpening of US Detroit Office
On May 1, 2019, in order to expand automotive new businesses, we opened a Detroit Office in the US. Located not too far away from the Detroit Airport, it was an excellent location accessible to complete cars and key automotive companies as well as clients in the East and Midwest. This was an office established to strengthen our automotive-related business and client support.



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